Cheapest Electric Bikes For Sale Under $1000 on AliExpress

cheapest ebikes under 1000

People would love to buy an electric bike for a low price and on this page listed are cheapest electric bikes under $1000 for sale on AliExpress. The selling prices of all these cheapest ebikes on Aliexpress vary from $500 to $1000. Yes, all the cheapest electric bicycles on this page are sold under $1000.

Moreover, your e-bike will be shipped to you for free which means all selected cheapest electric bikes come with free shipping option. So you don’t have to worry about shipment costs. We have slected free shipping electric bikes.

The wheel size of these cheapest ebikes range from 16 to 27 inch. You can choose the best size to fit your comfort. Some of the affordable e-bike models are foldable ebikes saving space at home or while traveling.

Electric Bike Wheel Size (inch) 20
Electric Bicycle Motor Power 250W
Electric Bike Max Speed


Electric Bicycle Frame Material
Aliminum Alloy
Electric Bicycle Range (km)


Number of Speeds


EBike User Rating (Out of 5)

starting from 2 up to 5.

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Cheapest electric bikes under $1000 on AliExpress

Product Name PriceFor latest prices
T18 electric bicycle and moped$459
Sobowo Electric Bike$500
Wolf's Fang Folding Electric Bike$544.50
Sobowo SF2 Electric Bike$570
MAKE Mountain Electric Bike$598.47
Sobowo SF3 Electric Bike$600
Janobike Folding electric bicycle$635
Smlro 26" Mountain Bike Electric Bicycle$784.43
Smlro 14-16" Foldable Electric Bicycle$844.35
LANKELEISI Smlro 14" 48v 10ah 350w Fold Electric Bike$847.22
Customizable Smlro 14" Folding Electric Bicycle$884.75
LANKELEISI 14" Folding 48v 30A 240W Small-sized ebike$970.54
The motor power of selected cheapest ebike on AliExpress is 250w to 500w while the maximum speed of these affordable electric bikes under 1000 vary from 30kmph to 50kmph. The cycling range will be from 30 kmph at the lowest and 100 kmph the highest per full battery capacity. As you see, there will be some options for you to pick the cheapest electric bicycle of your preference. Feel remember to check for details and latest prices by visiting seller's website. AliExpress updates its prices frequently.

We continually seek for cheapest ebike prices under $1000 and deals across many online e-bike websites selling cheap mountain ebike or commuter city electric bikes and try to help you find the best cheapest electric bike of your choice. You can compare electric bike prices online and pick your ebike. We would like to remind you that we also list e-bike and motorcycle parts and accessories.

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